For real-time monitoring of workers exposed to radiation

Active dosimeters are in fact electronic dosimeters that can provide information in real time, not only as stylodosimètres integrated dose, but also in dose rate, a very important parameter to know in case of accidental irradiation. They can be equipped with alarms set at different thresholds, as required. They can also be read by remote transmission, which can monitor an entire area or team continuously.

Monitoring exposures in real time
Real time dosimetry is mandatory for any worker involved in a controlled area. Dosimeters known as operational or active are directly readable. They allow the monitoring and optimization of radiation exposure during the intervention itself. They are chosen depending on the type and characteristics of the radiation to control. These electronic dosimeters are provided with visual and audible alarms to be activated prior exposure.

Finally, the associated electronics allows to record many side parameters as the carrier’s identity. The exploitation of more information facilitates computer processing and therefore the monitoring.

Electronic dosimeters are constantly evolving, using the latest technological advances, and tend to integrate in a single package the various elements of the dosimeters described below, in order to take benefits of their sensitivity and the information handling of which is facilitated by the computer